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Types of QR Codes

At eQRCodes.com you can generate QR codes for your needs in seconds. They never expire and work immediately after generating. There are many times of static QR codes you can generate.

  • Link / URL

    Link to any URL, including websites, social profiles, file downloads.

  • Email

    Scan the QR code to send an email.

  • Text

    Share custom text.

  • Phone

    Scan a QR code and make a phone call.

  • SMS

    Send a SMS message.

  • vCard

    Scan the QR code to save a contact,

  • Location

    Share a location by scanning a QR code.

  • WiFi

    Scan a QR code and connect to wifi

Get started generating QR codes now at eQRCodes.com.  Want to dynamically change the type of QR code or destination? Checkout our premium features.

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