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Generate, create, and design QR codes for free using the generator tool above.  Your QR codes never expire, are 100% free forever, and there are no hidden fees.  Only pay for premium features, which include dynamic codes, scan analytics, further design options, and more.  Our premium features are cheap, effective, includes a 7 day free trial, and you can cancel anytime.  Learn more about our services below:


Dynamic QR Codes

Create codes that you can change over time even after they’ve been printed and distributed.


Scan Statistics and Analytics

Discover how many people are scanning your code(s) and where.


Bulk QR Code Creation and Editing

Save time by creating codes in bulk and dynamically editing them in bulk.


Manage Marketing Campaigns

Make your advertising more effective with our tracking and analytics.


More Design Options

Make the perfect QR code design in a breeze, without any coding or design skill required.


And More

Manage your account, campaigns, designs, and destinations.  And if you need any help, we’re here to help!

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Quick and easy management and statistics for all your QR Code needs.


Benefits of QR Codes:

– Effectively Market Digital Products and Services for Your Brand

– Track Engagement on Boards, Magazines/Newspapers, and Business Cards

– Network More Easily with Customers and Clients

– Bridge Offline and Online Media

– People love using QR Codes, and are rapidly growing in popularity

  • 100,000+ QR Codes Generated

    We're constantly improving our generator to make it more useful for companies to manage.

  • 1,000,000+ Scans via eQRCodes.com

    We're growing rapidly and expect to double in the next year.

  • 50,000+ Users

    So far we've helped 50,000+ businesses generate their QR codes.

  • 80,000+ Dynamic QR Codes Generated

    Premium dynamic QR codes - create a QR code, print and use it, and change the destination at a later date.

Manage Your QR Codes all in 1 Spot!

Manage all your QR Code marketing from 1 simple dashboard – manage designs, layouts, statistics, and bulk creation.

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