eQRCodes.com was created with one goal in mind – make it easy for companies around the world to manage their QR Codes easily and effectively. With the rise of mobile phones over the last decade, QR codes have proven to be an effective way to market products and services, and bring the realm of digital services directly to your customers device.

Restaurants now regularly use QR codes to display their menus instead of handing out physical copies – this saves paper and allows for menus to be updated digitally without needed to reprint them after each change. Companies use QR codes on advertisements to enable users to visit their landing page directly with a simple scan, and people can share links, emails, files, and text easily with each other. You can read more on how QR codes are used here.

Generating QR codes is simple and free. However, we strive to provide premium solutions to companies worldwide to help track the effectiveness of their QR codes and enable them to have a positive ROI in their QR code efforts.

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