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How QR Codes Can Help Your Business Grow

Whether you’re a start-up looking to grow, or an established business wanting to expand—every company can benefit from QR Codes. If you’re not too sure about the different types of QR Codes, or how they can be used—you should give our How Does QR Codes Work article a read.

We also have a QR Code Generator available on our website if you want to get a taste. Our generator will let you create QR Codes, have it link to a URL, email, image, or even location! You can also customize the color, size, and style of the QR Code. We also offer the option to generate dynamic QR codes, which is handy for businesses. This lets you change what the QR code is linked to after you’ve launched it! We also offer tracking scan statistics—so you can see how many times it’s been opened.

The possibilities of QR Code usage as a means to grow and support your business is near endless! Whether you want to use it for marketing, hosting unique events, or even to handle payments. Read below to find out more!


QR Codes For Marketing

The easiest way to use a QR Code to grow your company and boost your marketing is by advertising your website. By connecting your website to a QR Code, this lets potential customers or clients easily scan the code, and be taken straight to your website. This lets them access your services (and site) directly, and cuts out the need to search you up or type in a URL!

This allows your customers/consumers to easily access your website, and find out any additional information. Whether it be about a product, your business as a whole, events, or contact information. You can pack a ton of information into a QR Code! Best of all, you can also stick this code anywhere.  This makes it an efficient and easy way to advertise and share your business—ensuring it reaches more people. Here are just a few ideas:

  • You can put QR Codes on the back of business cards for clients or consumers to scan.
  • Place the QR Code on the back of products to link to your business’ website or to see more information on the product.
  • Putting the QR Code on advertisements, so consumers can easily find more information about the company, product, or event.
  • Linking the QR Code to your business’ social media pages, or even Linktree.
This is just the easiest way to use a QR Code for marketing. On top of that, statistics for these codes are quite easy to track. You can easily track the number of times a QR code has been used/scanned, which can help determine an efficient way for your company to use them for marketing! Best of all, QR Codes are free to create, and free to track! 

Collecting Contact Information

Did you know—customers are more likely to hand over their contact information, or sign-up for newsletters if the process is simple? QR Codes make the whole process effortless, and more likely for a potential customer or consumer to give their details (or register for something like a newsletter). 

With a QR Code, you can easily collect customer information. Just link the code to a website with your business’ sign-up fields! It’s also much more efficient than having a customer type in a URL, or search for your business up in Google. Or having to sign them up in person, which can lead to human error.

Depending on the sign-up form you use to collect contact information, modern web browsers will autofill the details for consumers—which makes the process even faster and appealing! You could put this QR code up anywhere in your store. For example, some stores will put pictures of sign-up QR codes up on their windows, or stands plastered around the store. 

Payments or Collecting Tips

Did you know QR Codes can actually be used for payments and even for collecting tips from consumers? This is perfect in a store or restaurant setting. Wondering how this could help your business grow? Good question!

This can help your business grow because it can save you money on, for example, printing physical menus for your café or restaurant. That money could then be used for marketing and advertising. 

The same QR Code could also be used to link customers to social media pages or a sign-up for your business. QR Codes are becoming popular among restaurants and cafés as a way to have contact-less pay, so people can order directly from their table! For a restaurant, this would make the entire business more efficient—from collecting orders, payments, and you could even use the QR Code to collect tips, too.

Having an efficient system for ordering will help grow your business and also looks appealing to customers. You can even have the QR Code link to the entire menu.

A creative way you could use a QR Code for a business or café would be:

  • Linking customers to an online menu to order and pay from.
  • Putting QR Codes around the restaurant or on tables, encouraging customers to scan the QR Code to get the business’ social media details, and posting their food to social media with the restaurant tagged!

Surveys and Feedback

Consumer feedback is invaluable when it comes to growing a new or existing business. It’s important to get criticism, and data from surveys to know what you’re doing well, where you can improve, and opinions on the products/services your business offers.

It can be hard getting consumers to fill out a survey, especially if they have to search it up themselves, or it comes through as annoying email spam. Or worse—it’s paperback, and you ask them to fill it out in your business’ location. This is where QR Codes come in! 

As mentioned earlier when it comes to contact information, consumers are more likely to fill out a quick survey or give their opinion on a product/service if it’s easily accessible. You could put a QR Code up in your store, or ask consumers to scan it and have it link to a simple survey for them to fill out.

Downloading Apps

Running a marketing campaign? You can use a QR Code to link consumers to your business app! If you don’t have an app set-up, you should start! An app is an effective way to ensure consumers stay connected and can directly access your services or products from just one tap!

For example, popular apps/mobile games like Angry Birds have previously used QR Codes in the past to have customers easily download their game. You could use the QR Code to link to the consumer’s respective App Store (iOS/Android) and then download it straight to their phone. No searching needed!

On top of that, you could even use QR Codes within your app. A good example of this is with Spotify. Spotify has generated QR Codes for all their songs, etc., so people can easily just share that with a friend to scan, and it’ll automatically pop up on their device!

Social media apps and games like Snapchat as well as Pokémon GO have even adopted QR Codes to make it easier to add friends. All you need to do is just scan the code, and it’ll autofill their details to just send a request!


Emails or Phone Numbers

If you’re trying to run an effective marketing campaign, of course, you’ll want potential consumers to be able to easily email or call you. QR Codes are the easiest way to do this!

Whilst you could list your phone or email details somewhere, not only will consumers need to remember that—they’ll also have to fill it in themselves.

That’s where QR Codes come in! Instead, your potential consumers or clients can just scan the QR Code and then email you directly straight from there. Using “mailto:[email protected]” in your QR Code Generator’s URL link will open up a ready-to-go email to send to the specified address.

You can also do the same with phone numbers, so people can easily add it to contacts to message/call later, or call the business there and then.

Other Creative Ways To Use QR Codes For Your Business

Looking for a few other ways you can use QR Codes to help grow your business, and drive customer engagement? One creative way you can do this is to use QR Codes as a coupon or discount. You could have customers scan your QR Code to get a special one-time discount on products.

You could tie this coupon/discount QR Code to even lead into a registration/sign-up to access the code. This could be useful in a range of areas, from running a retail store, restaurant/café, or even a gym. If you’re a business looking for a way to easily share your services or a portfolio with a potential client—you could use the QR code to link to that.

Finally, QR Codes can also be a great way to run marketing events. You could use the code for easy event registration/sign-up, or even use it as a part of the event to show information. If you ever want to change the information the QR Code links to after the event, you could always make it a dynamic QR Code. This allows you to change the URL/information the QR Code is set to. 

QR Codes have been around for decades, and whilst it took a few years for them to catch on—they’re popular now. Since the pandemic, QR Codes have become common in day-to-day life, with almost every business and country adopting them to easily transfer information.

Best of all, nearly everybody has the ability to scan a QR Code! Smartphones nowadays have a built-in QR Code function in their camera, so anyone can scan and access the information. This makes it the perfect strategy for marketing your business, and driving consumer growth. Did you know? A QR Code can be used even with up to 30% of it damaged. So, you could even place them outdoors, and not worry!

You can also get creative with the design of your QR Code. It doesn’t need to be just a plain black-and-white, pixelated square. You can throw in color and even images to make it unique!

Ready to create beautiful QR codes for your business? Checkout eQRCodes.com and explore our QR design options and scan analytics.  

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