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Premium QR Code Features - What do you get?

You can use our free QR code generator to generate QR codes for your digitial downloaded content such as a file (URL destination), vCard for easily sharing contact information, Wifi destination for easily connecting to Wifi without typing in a long username and password, and a lot more.  When you generate these codes, they last forever, are 100% free, and can be used immediately.

But as a business, those features are often not enough.  What if you want to track how many people are using it? What if you want to design your QR code with more premium features? What if you want to download in different formats, or dynamically change the destination after the QR code has been printed and used?

A lot of companies find these premium features useful and have a positive ROI on their marketing efforts.  Our plans start at just $9.99/month and come with a 7 day free trial.  You can cancel anytime and we have a customer support team to guide your company through any issues that may arise.

Here are a few use cases that we’ve found businesses using:


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